A Comprehensive Guide to Keratin Treatments for Hair Health

keratin hair treatment

Keratin treatments have become a popular choice for those seeking smooth and shiny hair, but are they really good for your hair’s health? Keratin is a protein found naturally in hair, nails, and skin that helps protect against humidity and frizz. However, as we age, our hair can lose keratin due to factors like sunlight […]

Everything You need to know about Punjabi Jutti

Punjabi Jutti

A Punjabi jutti is a type of footwear that is traditional to the Punjab region of India and Pakistan. It is a type of leather slipper that is decorated with intricate designs and embroidery, and is often made by skilled craftsmen. Punjabi juttis are known for their comfort and durability, and are often worn on […]

Slimming belt: A Good Solution to Slim Down

slimming sweat belt

For a flat stomach and slimmer figure, some people choose a slimming diet, but others prefer to wear a slimming belt. Of course, to obtain conclusive and fast results, the use of a slimming belt must be in addition to a healthy, varied, and balanced diet and in parallel with the practice of a sports […]

STYLE GUIDE BY TANYA: How To Style a Red Anarkali Dress

Style a Red Anarkali

Red Anarkali has always been the most glammed up colour. One can never go wrong with it, you need to find the perfect shade that suits your skin tone, and you are party ready. Red is those previous colour which can be combined with almost all shades, and it still manages to embrace its dignity. […]

How to Pack a Suitcase Efficiently

pack the bag

Packing a Suitcase for a trip is much easier if you plan. As you plan the tour, you can determine what to bring if you check the weather, destination, and planned activities. Also, it will be useful to have a sturdy suitcase that covers your basic needs.

How to Clean Suitcases and Cloth Bags

how to clean bags

The suitcases and cloth bags are comfortable because they are easy to store and do not weigh. However, the big problem is that they have the facility to get dirty. This makes it necessary to clean them much more often than leather or plastic bags, mainly if in addition to visible dirt have acquired a […]

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