Right facts about every attires are highly important for those girls who want to have the perfect look that is classy in all aspects of the material, quality, look as well as price. More articles like these on Anarkali Dress & Punjabi Suits are useful and productive to read on for the correct amount of sophistication.

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My journey to Find Perfect Anarkali Dress

I  went shopping last evening for my sister’s wedding that is next month and I visited many stores looked at various options. Also, I selected a few outfits online for other functions in the wedding. Recently there was an article in the newspaper that suggested every girl do the right research before shopping for a particular outfit. So I read all about the apparel I went out to buy. I found some very interesting facts about the regular dresses that we buy and know nothing about its original history and specifications. I will share the same here for everyone.

Anarkali Dress

Most appreciated and desired dress at all times for all those occasions that demand ethnic wear is an ‘Anarkali’. When I googled Anarkali suits online it took me to a page where the fact of it named after the legendary slave girl Anarkali who was supposedly ordered to be buried alive between two walls by Mughal emperor Akbar for having an illicit relationship with the Crown-Prince Salim, later to become Emperor Jahangir. Anarkali dress is basically a salwar & kameez that is designed like frocks without any type of slit at the side that fall below the knee, a churidar that has folds near the ankle and a stole that is quite long. Silk, satin, cotton, georgette, chiffon, net, Brasso is the materials mainly used to make up an Anarkali.  If you look for an Anarkali dress online you would see there are two types available. Ones that can be only worn on special occasions and thus are made out of shimmery material, daily wear suits are made from cotton material to reach the wearer’s comfort level.

Anarkali Dress

One is not enough:

Then after finding the perfect Anarkali, I started looking for another outfit that fits the sangeet ceremony as it is full of a Punjabi typical north Indian big fat 10-day wedding affair. So I thought of a Patiala Salwar kameez which gives a classic desi look that is required at a sangeet ceremony. Now you should google Punjabi suits online to know that it is the identity of North Indian women community. The colourful and printed Dupattas add grace to the combination. It consists of a kurta which is tight fitted, and salwar/Shalwar that is pleated as such that it falls beautifully at the ankle. The designs of this attire have undergone a lot of changes, but the appeal of this dress is timeless. Desi yet trendy wear is suitable for all occasions, be it a wedding free Reprint Articles, party or a casual outing.

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Anarkali is one of the traditional dress in Punjabi culture check out more Punjabi Brides and Grooms Dressing Styles

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