Punjabi Lifestyle is popular for its fashion and food. Punjab is one of the most prosperous states in our country (The state has a lot of NRIs (Non-Resident Indians). Rural Punjab is just like any other Rural area with all infrastructure like rural roads and the facilities in the villages.

punjabi lifestyle
Winters morning in Punjab

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Changing Punjabi Lifestyle in Cities

I have lived in Ludhiana, The most pleasant thing about living in Punjab is that the weather conditions is awesome.  The greenery around the big houses makes it look like a paradise. There is no shortage of electricity in the villages. People are very open-minded and very sweet who really cares. In the evening you can always hear Gurubani from Gurudwara no matter where are in the village.

Punjabi community celebration


Punjabi Lifestyle in Villages

The Punjabi Lifestyle in the villages has changed a lot in the last 10 years. Back in 90s people used to sleep outside of their houses. Now, most of the houses have air conditioners. Punjabi’s are very attached to the places they are born and grown up. They prefer to live a good lifestyle rather than moving to cities.

Pure Punjabi language is the beautiful gemstone of Punjab Lifestyle. It’s to delight to speak in Punjabi and listen to Punjabi. It is a disappointment that due to the English culture we are losing that, Kids must speak English in schools and Nowadays Kids only go to school and tuition.

People of Punjab love to look the best. We try to get the best brand to wear and drive the best drive. With this, the love of Kurta pyjama and the BULLET is no less than it was before. People are very cheerful and love to live their life to its fullest with dance and food.

Here are some pictures which will depict Punjabi Lifestyle


Clean and Green Environment

In Punjab Most of the time you will be surrounded by green fields while travelling from one city to another and a lot of trees beside roads. When you are in the cities this greenery is less to see. Less in Ludhiana and Jalandhar. Ludhiana has become a vast industrial area. Ludhiana is one of the most polluted cities in the country and garbage management is the main issue in the cities. It is common to see the garbage with a lot of polythene packets and a holy cow eating them.


Punjabi Food

Every Person must try Punjabi Food once in the life. you sure are missing the best thing to eat in the world. Punjabi Food is the important part of Punjabi Lifestyle There is no dearth of food in Punjab. Punjabi food is quite a popular in the movies Especially Makki Ki roti and sarso ka Saag. But it is not like we eat Saag and drink Lassi all the time. Lassi is nice to have the lunch. Also, we do have a lot of other oily stuff like Chhole Bhature, Kulche Chhole, Amritsari Naan and Gol Gappe. Chinese cuisine is also present in the villages of Punjab like Momos, Noodles, Spring Rolls and so many other. With the Golgappe, these street foods have no end to its variety. With the Fast food, Food from milk is very popular among the people. In most of the homes, Milk is consumed more than it is consumed in regular.You can get the Punjabi food near you.

You will usually find Villagers bigger than the urban. And so-called Saag is generally consumed in winters. It’s not like this we eat Makki Ki roti each day, It is more like a food of choice and it tastes good in the winters


Punjabi Lifestyle

punjabi lifestyle

Punjabi’s Do like to live there to its fullest. They love to wear Good clothes and drive a good drive They do flaunt. You cannot generalise each Punjabi over this statement, Lifestyle is nothing like they show in Punjabi movies and songs. As I said earlier Punjabi love to look good and Drive a good ride. They do get the best they can in their budget. I have seen most of the family going out of their budget for their kids. Consumerism is there but it has limits. “Brand Culture” is most prevalent in cities. Punjabi has a lot of tradition in marriage. 


Are Drugs a Problem in Punjab

The drug problem is all over the world and is surely present in Punjab. Media is not showing the right image of Punjab Media shouts that 60% of the youth is on drugs. If that was true it won’t is possible to travel in Punjab, there will be riots news daily. Nobody gives jobs to the drunk. I myself do not trust this media news. Maybe the fact was” 60% of the population has tasted any drug in their lifetime, and they presented like this. If you apply the same rules for the youth in India, the youth who has not touch a drink in his lifetime will be less than 30%. Alcohol consumption is higher than the national average but also it is not like we take bath in alcohol. Most of my friends are sober, Especially the Punjabi ones, They even don’t touch the egg!!


Punjabi’s Financial

Punjabi is a wealthy state and it really is. The land in Ludhiana is so much expensive. I remember my rent of PG in 2012 was 20,000 INR per month. Yes, cheaper rooms were available but not for all facilities. Sporting an international brand car was way in Ludhiana, it is like every 10th car was imported. You could easily find the luxury cars even in smaller cities. I have seen Audi, BMW, Land Rover daily. The culture in the city is not much different than in the villages. It was never hard to spot a beautiful girl in western clothes or a Top brand luxury drive. With the money, you will not find the arrogant attitude around in Punjab. People do talk sweet. They believe in empathy and are very helping. It is not easy to differentiate urban from rural people until they start talking.



Punjabi ‘are famous for their sweet Punjabi language. It is the sweetest language I knew and understand. The Punjabi language has many accept. Most popular of these Punjabi accents are Malwa, Doaba and Majha, This accent has their sub accent. Some of the people are living a good life and due to the abroad culture, they lot of family have someone abroad settled. This is quite common for a family to have someone they knew settled abroad.


Sikh religion was born in Punjab. It is not Punjabi nor Sikhism. Not all the Punjabi’s are Sikh. A lot of Punjabi are Hindu. Sikh is not a very old religion It is around 500 years old. Sikh may be the youngest religion in India. Still, you can find Multiple Gurudwara in any city of India. Gurudwara stays open 24×7 each day and they are always clean as new. There is no better food then the Langer in Gurudwara. Food is available all the time in Gurudwara. Everyone can visit Gurudwara. You must cover your head with a cloth in Gurudwara. If you have not visited a gurudwara I suggest you must visit one. Gurdwara is a great place to meditate Also, the story behind the Sikh religion is very popular but that story is for another day.

Facilities and Infrastructure

Punjab Government has done a great job till now for providing infrastructure in Punjabi Lifestyle. You can get any documents from Suvidha Kendra within hours. Almost every village has good roads and is connected to the mainstream cities. This must be obvious when I said above that Punjab has a lot of luxury cars, so they must have roads to drive them. They do have a lot of tolls too to collect the toll tax. The government has made sure that people will get the basic things for their life easily.


Intolerance in Punjabi’s People

I just said above “Punjabis are the sweetest “they love each one around them with the purest of their hearts. Those statements stand true, but it is often seen in Punjab that disagreement turns to violence. In mediocre college, fights are normal cases that happen. People in the village with luxury cars sometimes flaunt and this can draw negative attention. This looks bad when almost every Sikh moves with a sword. Youngblood boils too easily on very petty issues. Small fight is very often to happen in villages and often close faster then they started


Every state has their advantages and disadvantages. Punjab is a very prosperous state and life is awesome here. Life is Peaceful in Villages. In cities it is quite impossible to find a quite open place. They love to live in joint families and respect their elders. In cities, the things are changing very fast Though it has its own problems they could be solved if a responsible government comes into the power. Most families being agricultural have their own vegetables, rice, wheat, milk products, so in the market you will see, vegetables and food are much cheaper.

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