What is a Choker

The Choker is very fashionable and unusual decoration, which will give femininity to any image. A strict and simple way is emphasized on the feminine curve of the neck and the chin line. This is the secret of the charm of this decoration. It can be simple and brilliant at the same time. It is important not to do more with make-up and other accessories, because this decoration is self-sufficient and bright subtlety.


A Choker is a kind of necklace that is surrounded by the neck like a collar. It can be a velvety or thin strip of leather. Or expanded metal decorations, scattered with crystals or perhaps a thin leather lace they can be decorated with thematic pendants or a classic pearl

A variety of models – velvet, lace, leather, metal, will add an excitement for any image. A black Choker made of velvet or lace will help to create a dramatic image of a deadly beauty. The lace of a thin sheet wrapped around the neck will give the image of instability.

This decoration is made of thin embedded threads, almost not felt on the neck, thanks to special knitting, this unusual decor is suitable for any size and at the same time tightly surrounds the neck.

Choker is a necklace that empowers the neck, it tightly adheres. Someone wears a pond as a pond and puts a certain semantic weight in it, and someone wears it because it is fashionable, stylish and beautiful. Allow the crowd to stand in front of their boss and draw attention to themselves, fully fit into the image and vulgar chokers have a thin velvety ribbon, or gold pendant Areas do not allow to appear on ribbons decorated.

What to wear with a black choker

  • With blouse or top with V-neck
  • Sweater with a round
  • Dress with Skirts, or cocktail dress
  • Leather jacket
  • In any event you should wear professional suits and clothes worn which is a high collar.


What type of chokers can I buy ?

We have made a Choker with velvet and equipped ribbons for you, which are complemented by elegant and beautiful pendants. Pendants 585 are made of gold, with cubic zirconia or expensive stones or decorated without inserts. The locks on the Choker are also made of gold, such products are made of precious metals, look very expensive and stylish and can complement your image perfectly and complete. Choker such as all gold choker necklace,skinny bow choker,gold satin choker,pink wrap choker,silver satin choker,double tie choker,lace up denim choker, red string choker are very popular other then black velvet skinny choker, pearl Choker and more[amazon_link asins=’B072PQ3C91,B073TL7H5B,B079QZ2SK6,B01LXOYJIF,B01HM2UIQY,B075HGP7FR,B01GVORESO,B077L1K2HS,B078WVT62G,B076NJL9Y7′ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’punjabiclub-21′ marketplace=’IN’ link_id=’381dda68-15be-11e8-90d0-2797074efdc8′]

Choker Review

Hello to everyone! Today I will write about an interesting and popular decoration in recent years. It will be a cooler with a heart shaped suspension – a favorite accessory of most modern fashionistas. Cost:  Link to about 300 Rupee Products [amazon_link asins=’B01N7WYHCI’ template=’ProductAd’ store=’punjabiclub-21′ marketplace=’IN’ link_id=’aec25218-15be-11e8-9bca-83bfe0158cdf’] Well, for such ridiculous value, the seller sends 5 brokers at one go, it has come to know that everyone goes for the price of only 60 Rupee!

Quality and delivery time, product packaging
It took about two days for delivery, probably because of the fact that the transport process fell on the new year’s holidays. But Generally Amazon deliver the Package in a day

Brokers were wrapped in a small bag. There were absolutely no tags in them


Crap with suspension – Product attributes

Due to the fact that the products were in the form of crumble, they were not the first to be very attractive.Most, the black velvet ribbon was damaged – it was very dante and did not want to kill. To fix this situation, I had been holding a broker under the press for a while, there was no crease after being directly on the velvet – it was pleasant.

It’s just the stuff that can easily stick to all garbage. We need to keep an eye on this.

You also need to see the tape sheet around the neck on me, for example, it is often a little wrinkle, and it robs the entire scene (see the picture below).


With the help of silver metal fitting, the heart pendant is connected to the satin ribbon. Clasp is also metal, you can adjust the length of choker. In my case, unfortunately, even with the closure of the very last link, beating with a suspension is a little too big.


Alternative decoration options, customer reviews

Forgetting to say that in the classification there are some variants of an ornament in the seller. They are different from the color of the heart-pendant. I ordered a heart of black, but you can also choose blue, red, pink crystal.

In the reviews, some have written that they asked the seller to keep different colors pendants. The seller turned to sympathy – he fulfilled the wishes of the customers.

A heart-shaped pendant looks very impressive with fabric and linen lace, tight clothing and a blouse with a deep nipple. Link to the perfect product for a romantic date. You can Buy this product from Amazon just in [amazon_link asins=’B01N7WYHCI’ template=’PriceLink’ store=’punjabiclub-21′ marketplace=’IN’ link_id=’ea05b6f0-15bf-11e8-a931-37e45975dfc2′]