What is Patiala peg?

What is Patiala peg?

The Patial peg is a dowel in which the first water is poured, and then suddenly a liqueur is added and then rapidly drunk.  Although the rough and ready measure is the amount of lyes needed to fill a glass of equal height between the indicator and small fingers when held parallel to each other.

Patiala Peg is generally associated with Maharaj Bhupinder Singh of Patiala, who in 1917 also founded the State Bank of Patiala. He was a proud owner of Patiala Necklace.Accompanied by a loud band and an attempt to overexpose or show bravura, Patial’s patal dowel has become more than a whisky measure, it is almost a sign of “masculinity” in Punjab.


Patiala Peg History

For decades, some people have been arguing for at least a century. Patiala Peg was an Indian measure of fitness for drinking and somewhere down the line it took the right turn and became more than a whiskey measure.

Patiala Peg is an integral part of Punjab’s urban and rural vocabulary and is a measure of whiskey defined by the distance between index and small finger when held parallel to glass.

The magnificence of the drink is often related to the size of Maharaya Patiali. Mharaja were known for their extravagance and kingdom.

There are many theories that revolve around the rule of the principality of the state of Patiala from 1900 until his death in 1938, Maharaja Sir Bhupinder Singh.

Patiali’s tradition was to invite “Wicekroysa Pychy”to invite hospitable involvement in the territory of Maharajas.

I heard another anecdote about how Patial Patial’s dowel looked like at the (external) distance between his forefinger and a small finger.

In the evening before the Pride Viceroys meeting, there was fun pouring a double measurement of whiskey in each dowel, later called “Patiala Peg“.

When Maharaya complained about the great glasses of whiskey given to them. it is said that Maharaja told them:”Yes, in Patiali our pegs are big!

One day Maharaj invited the Irish Viceroy’s Pride team to a friendly tournament of tents.



He invited the Irish Viceroy’s Pride team to a friendly tent pegging tournament (the game in which players must collect small items with spears).

One more Thoery

The last theory refers to similar parties thrown by Maharaja, but instead of pouring a drink after a drink to keep the entertainment and wait for it. People simply pour out one huge peg and sneaked it throughout the evening. Read about the reason for the name of Patiala Peg in detail here.

Feed to wonderful conversations (that is, a story I told you about, not necessarily the drink itself). Patiala pegat still awakens our fascination with the glorious reign of Maharaj Bhupinder Singh and his colorful paths.


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