Patiala Peg is an integral part of Punjab’s urban and rural vocabulary and is a measure of whiskey defined by the distance between the index and small finger when held parallel to the glass.

The magnificence of the drink is often related to the size of Maharaja Patiala, who were known for their extravagance and kingdom.

The Patiala peg usually is 3x or 4x to the regular size of whisky (90–120ml). And it is served neat with ICE as per choice. being so significant is the single most peculiar thing about the Patiala peg


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Two most popular peg in north India, especially in Punjab are:

  • Patiala peg
  • Kapurthala peg

The reasons behind these names are the area of the particular. Patiala was the biggest state in Punjab back in that time, and Kapurthala was smaller than Patiala. So big size peg is named as Patiala Peg, and smaller pegs are called as Kapurthala Peg.

(Before Indian Independence Patiala and Kapurthala were independent States now they are Cities of Punjab State)

 That is not all – In the locals, there are many stories about how Patiala peg got his name.

First Story about Patiala peg

Bhupinder Singh – the Maharaja of Patiala once visited England, there The Maharaja went to a bar and asked for the regular drink of whiskey. And the waiter brought him one 30ml peg.

The Maharaja was amused by looking at the Glass, So he then called the waiter and ordered to bring him the bottle and starts making his drink.

The maharaja poured himself a big one –  that was about 120ml in size and or 4 times of the regular for that place.

How to make Patiala Peg

Second Story about Patiala Peg

Once, Maharaja Bhupinder Singh was not Feeling well. He called the doctor. After diagnosing him, Doctor gave him the advice to hold on the drink and was only allowed to have only three drinks per day, Maharaja being clever chooses his index finger and pinky to measure the bottle and filled the glass half. That was another exciting story how Patiala peg got its signature name.


Third Story about Patiala Peg

 This is the most famous and probably true story behind the Patiala Peg.

Maharaja Bhupinder Singh had a Polo team, which was undefeated during his reign. Their favourite pastime was ‘Tent Pegging’.
It was one of the Patiala traditions to invite the VIceroy’s team for a friendly engagement in maharajas kingdom.

The viceroys proud Irish team had a peculiar custom they could drink heavily but were still able to walk straight and balance on the path.

When the ‘Viceroys Pride’ arrived in Patiala for a friendly match, the home team felt nervous and feared that they might lose the game. So they hatched a conspiracy.

In case you all are wondering how to create the famous and the delightful and mirthful to the excess Patiala peg that takes you to the next world then follow these steps:_

On the evening before the match, the ‘Viceroys Pride ‘ was entertained to double measure of whisky in every peg, They were told that their corn was less potent and they needed to drink more to get high (later came to be called as the “Patiala peg”). In the morning, they went into the friendly match of tent pegging, and their heads were heavy and groggy.




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