The huge Punjab culture and a country abundant in abundance make food a great part of the experience of being in Amritsar. Directly from roadside dhatabas to exclusive restaurants, Punjabi Food in Amritsar restaurants have something for every taste mug. Amritsar is also considered a very important city due to the presence of many important temples and places such as the Golden Temple, the Akal Taran Temple and the Wagah Borders.

Eevery region in Punjab has completely different preferences, just as the inhabitants of Amritsar particularly like stuffed parrots and dairy products.

Amritsar city is known not only for its Golden Temple and other tourist palaces such as Jallianwala Bagh massacre
and the Wagah Border. It is also famous for its local Punjabi meals offered.

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Don’t look further afield. because we bring you a platter full of possibilities to choose from among the gastronomic delicacies with a rich list of selected restaurants for Punjabi Food in Amritsar


Let’s get started with my list to the Punjabi Food in Amritsar

On the other hand, street stalls such as Makhan Da Dhaba, Sunder Meat Shop or Giani Tea Stall will give you a taste of the raw flavours of Amritsari.

Kesar Da Dhaba

punjabi food amritsar

Kesar da Dhaba is tucked away down a narrow lane, quite inconspicuously; it’s wise to ask a local for the exact location to save yourself some time searching for it. or you can click here to get the direction on mobile. This is an old dhaba.The name dhaba does not signify the old traditional seating style. Don’t let lack of luxuries and environment discourage you from this place. Amritsar locals and the mesmerizing aroma of desi ghee (clarified butter) stand as testimonials to this restaurant’s challenging cuisine.

Giani Tea Stall

Gurmit Singh has been running this little tea stall with success for the last fifty-eight years. It’s still visited by Amritsar locals each morning for its celebrated tea, kachauris, and bread butter toasts. tho’ it’s going to appear as if a humble spot. this little institution is frequented by a variety of massive names. together with many politicians and Indian film stars.2017 05 07 08.31.26 1509161451812754660 4159073684


Kulcha Land

Another place that doesn’t give menu cards as a result of they keep it easy. during this town of the many slices of bread, whether or not it’s parathas or naans, they focus on the renowned Amritsari kulcha. You tuck into their regular, stuffed kulchas or paneer kulchas. that arrive piping hot and contemporary from the oven with heaps of butter– crisp on the surface, soft and flaky within. You realise why their counterparts within the remainder of the country square measure simply not an equivalent.
Shopping Centre, Ranjit Avenue

Surjit Food Plaza

2017 12 27 19.19.51 1679085062266985077 4159073684style the tender, melt-in-the-mouth, mutton tikkas and gilawati kebabs at this building and you’re guaranteed to come for seconds. The tikkas square measure has done otherwise – 1st in a very oven so tawa-fried with a special, secret masala instruction bimanual down within the family. Don’t forget to do their renowned batter-coated Amritsari fish (yes, you can’t leave Amritsar while not tasting this), really that’s what 1st catapulted its owner to fame.
Nehru looking advanced, Lawrence Road

Gurudas Ram Jalebiwala

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And in fact, last however not the smallest amount – however, will we have a tendency to forget the sweet tooth? At any time of the day, finish up here to style the contemporary jalebis that emerge crisp and golden from a Kadai language of pure drawn butter. possibly. it’ll beat any previous encounter with this humble sweet. conjointly to not be incomprehensible is his celebrated gulab jamun.

Street Amritsar snacks such as chole Bhature, Dahi Bhalla, Kachori, Gol Gappa and Papdi Chaat, etc. are very well known. I decided to draw up a list of the best places that you can go to your lips by tasting street snacks.

Brother’s Dhaba, Amritsar

Nothing showy about this area but Brother’s Dhaba attains a position for itself amongst the best places to eat at Amritsar with its simplistic vegetarian street styled menu that has the fragrance of Punjab.

Address: Adjacent to Bharawan Da Dhaba, Near Town Hall, Katra Ahluwalia, Amritsar, Punjab 143001


Bade Bhai ka Brothers’ Dhaba

Bade Bhai ka Brothers’ Dhaba is the fallout of India-Pakistan separation. where the maturer brother lighted his Bade Bhai ka Bros’ Dhaba while the younger resumed with Bharawan da Dhaba. Though the events separated two brothers and their ventures yet both possess excellent Punjabi Food in Amritsar.

Address: Near Town Hall, G T Rd, Katra Ahluwalia, Amritsar, Punjab 143001

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Pal Dhaba, Amritsar

Watching out for the best spot to eat in Amritsar? Ask anyone where is Pal Dhaba near Haathi Gate. There yourself some of their excellent smoothness made in typically Punjabi fashion with butter and makkan in it.

Address: I/S, Hathi Gate, Amritsar, 143001

I am glad you supported till here – Follow my journey to the best of Punjabi food places in the best cities of India

Ahuja Sweets

Next to eating your plateful of gorgeous food anything cant be better than a glassful of Lassi. Ahuja sweets of Amritsar is one of the excellent places to eat bites, sweets and thet Punjabi lassi. Don’t be frightened of the generous sizes. lassi drinks as the smooth- malaidaar lassi will be so delicious that it will present you whip the last drop of it as well.

Address: B.K. Dutt Gate, Dhab Khatikan, Amritsar, Punjab 143006


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