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  • Patiala Peg is an integral part of Punjab’s urban and rural vocabulary and is a measure of whiskey defined by the distance between the index and small finger when held parallel to the glass.
  • The magnificence of the drink is often related to the size of Maharaja Patiali, who were known for their extravagance and kingdom.
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  • The Patiala peg is a dowel in which the first water is poured, and then suddenly a liqueur is added and then rapidly drunk, although the rough and ready measure is the number of lyes needed to fill a glass of equal height between the indicator and small fingers when held parallel to each other.
  • Patiala Peg is generally associated with Maharaj Bhupinder Singh of Patiala, who is 1917 also founded the State Bank of Patiala, was a proud owner of Patiala Necklace.
  • Accompanied by a loud band and an attempt to overexpose or show bravura, Patiala’s dowel has become more than a whisky measure, it is almost a sign of “masculinity” in Punjab.
  • For decades, some people have been arguing for at least a century, Patiala Peg was an Indian measure of fitness for drinking and somewhere down the line it took the right turn and became more than a whiskey measure.