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The Difference between Indian and Pakistani Punjab

There are a lot of differences between Punjab, India and Punjab, Pakistan. in 1947 India and Pakistan got separated. Punjab was one big state before separation. Punjab was divided between India and Pakistan after the separation.

Interesting Facts You Never Knew About Punjabi Lifestyle

Punjabi Lifestyle is popular for its fashion and food. Punjab is one of the most prosperous states in our country (The state has a lot of NRIs (Non-Resident Indians). Rural Punjab is just like any other Rural area with all infrastructure like rural roads and the facilities in the villages. Changing Punjabi Lifestyle in Cities […]

Punjabi Wedding Rituals-Top 10


Punjabi Marriage is full of rituals.At every stage there are some more rituals. The 10 most important Punjabi wedding rituals have been detailed and described below. These have been mentioned in the order of their occurrence in a Punjabi wedding.   Top 10 Punjabi Wedding Rituals Chuda This ceremony takes place early in the day […]

A slice of Punjab- The old city of Bhatinda


Bhatinda is full of Punjabi colors. The city is one of the abodes of Guru Gobind Singhji and plentiful in by now culture and tradition. Here is a brief credit of the place. Bhatinda History Bhatinda is one the oldest cities of Punjab, located at an altitude of 210 meters.It is the battlefield of Guru […]