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Punjabi cuisine is famous for its rich, buttery taste as well as rich vegetarian and meat dishes. Exotic and appetizing exhibits from the bubbles and various other mouth-watering and discerning dishes with the rich, spicy and buttery taste of Punjabi Basmati rice with its varied forms and special breads of Punjabi, such as Tandoori Roti Roti and Naan, have made the gastronomy not only annoying for the gastronomic guests.


As far as food is concerned, every region in Punjaba has completely different preferences, just as the inhabitants of Amritsar particularly like stuffed parrots and dairy products. The most popular dishes are vegetarian delicacies, such as sarson saagus (leaf chicken hens), rayon-chawal (fasola paradise with parboiled rice) and cadhi (grammeal and yogurt curry).


Punjabis has also created a combination of north-western border cuisine and Mughlai recipes to present rich poultry and sheep meat dishes.  Tandoori Chicken Chicken is a popular Indian dish consisting of chicken marinated in a mixture of yoghurt and spices traditionally cooked at high temperature in a tannin (clay oven) and can also be prepared on a traditional grill grill.