Patiala Peg was created for the first time by Maharaja of Patiala to persuade the Irish team to drink more than she could have done to win her team. There is an exciting story about how does a drink get this name.


Why is Patiala peg called Patiala peg?


 For decades, some people have been arguing for at least a century. Patiala Peg was an Indian measure of fitness for drinking, and somewhere down the line it took the right turn and became more than a whiskey measure.

How to make Patiala Peg

The Patiala peg is a dowel in which the first water is poured, and then suddenly a liqueur is added and then rapidly drunk, although the rough and ready measure is the number of lyes needed to fill a glass of equal height between the indicator and small fingers when held parallel to each other.


Patiala Peg is an integral part of Punjab’s urban and rural vocabulary and is a measure of whiskey defined by the distance between the index and small finger when held parallel to the glass.

Size of Patiala peg is 4x of Normal Peg

In the evening before the Pride Viceroys meeting, there was fun pouring a second measurement of whiskey in each dowel, later called “Patiala Peg“. At night before the match, Maharaja ordered his servants to pour out exceptionally large pegs of booze at the dinner party which they called Patiala Peg.

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