The state Punjabi Tadka in itself conjures occurring all sorts of images in one’s mind freshly made paneer tikkas, succulent kebabs, roasted tandoori chicken and of course the typical zesty curries you can enjoy all this and more at any of the Punjabi Tadka outlets in Bangalore.

Punjabi Tadka Outlets in Bangalore:

You could visit the Punjabi Tadka outlet nearest to your place or else just view its menu and order food online for home delivery.

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Punjabi food

Punjabi Tadka Menu:

Punjabi Takes menu is such that it has something to engagement all palate be it vegetarian or non-vegetarian. Though it has all the dishes and North Indian or Punjabi restaurant generally has, a pick few items upon the Punjabi tadka menu deserve a special insinuation: the tawa chicken paratha (priced at 40 bucks, this is an absolute steal in taste as adeptly), Chicken methi malai gravy which is a pure fiddle subsequent to from the ubiquitous chicken curry and butter chicken, the mutton rogan josh whose gravy will leave you licking your fingers till the last bite and furthermore the kalmi kabab which is the absolute begin no influence what main course you order thereafter.


The pinnacle of to the vegetarian section

Moving on pinnacle of to the vegetarian section of Punjabi Tadka, the items which should be ranking in the must-attempt section of your list are as follows: kadhai mushroom gravy which combines the savory flavour of kadhai chicken coupled with than mushrooms, Navaratna korma which is possible but tasty later than is generally made at home and even the rajma masala which one doesn’t generally order from outdoor but this one needs to be tried and tested following for unconditional.

The only minus mitigation of the Punjabi Tadka menu is that it has no desserts section. But this drawback can be overcome by having the gorgeous lassi in the in the past one is done taking into account their meal it settles moreover to your food and leaves you abundantly satiated after a muggy, fulfilling meal.

What makes Punjabi Tadka special:

There are several things which make Punjabi Tadka rank beyond substitute restaurants in Bangalore serving the linked cuisine. One, the quantity moreover feel of dishes. The quality we’ve already talked very approximately, but the portions served are furthermore unconditionally generous and most of the dishes are difficult than enough for two people at one go. Two, the promptness of estate delivery in the freshmen of you order online from Punjabi Tadka. In 45 to 50 minutes, you locate the Punjabi Tadka delivery boy ringing your doorbell similar to your piping hot food. Order online from Punjabi Tadka and you no investigate stand to profit upon all fronts.