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Wikipedia Revolution and Punjabi Wikipedia

Wikipedia Revolution and Punjabi Wikipedia Internet access has brought about a revolutionary change in the field of information communication and care. There are several types of tech/platform/phenomena available on the Internet to participate in this transition, some of which are: World Wide Web or Website, Google, Yahoo, and other search engines like them, YouTube, Facebook […]

Unfinished Bollywood Film of Vinod Khanna


Vinod Khanna Indian actor and producer of Bollywood Films die at 70. He is having a fighting with cancer. He was part of Bollywood hits like Amar Akbar Anthony and The Burning Train. He was admitted to the HN Reliance Foundation and Research Centre in Gurgaon, Mumbai lately. Vinod Khanna, a sitting Bharatiya Janata Party […]

How to Deal With Your Punjabi Brother-In-Law

family punjabi

After the marriage you have settled in with your husbands family, you may discover that your brother-in-law (BIL) is not friendly or neighbor. However, your BIL does play an important part in the family, and your life. He is the brother of your husband so as you have to stay close to him for the […]

How to stop snoring

how to stop snoring

There are many types of snoring devices to stop snoring to help users eliminate or reduce annoying and disturbing snore sound while sleeping. You can also try to change your lifestyle to prevent snoring, such as cutting off alcohol or oily food before bedtime. Almost all snoring treatments concentrate around reducing respiratory discomfort by removing the airway […]