Traditional Punjabi Dress basically caters to the physical needs of a human being. It helps in protecting the enveloping and natural disasters. In every human society, the tradition of some type of dress has been necessary. Punjabi dresses are people related to Punjab The clothes worn by are called.

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According to Mohammad Latif, Punjab writes about his book ‘The History of Punjab’, “The old Hindu cotton cloths wear. Cotton shirts were long to knees. There was a lid on the shirt. Which is tied to the left shoulder and right shoulder. On one side of the body, throwing a sheet was removed from the sheet. This bedroom used to hang on knees Everyone used to wear a dhoti. Men had long bearded beads, which they used to get red, yellowish or blue color. Women have dressed appropriately. They were not wearing hard clothes. ”

People of many races live in Punjab, therefore their dress has diversification. The children of schools have differentiation in the dress of Collegiate, Gali, Pali, Sadhu, Fakir, Nihang Singh, Namdhariya, Karam Kandi Pandhe, Malvai, Majhail, and Doabian. Despite this distinction, some parts of the dress are shared. All that Punjabi is used by. They do not belong to the profession or caste religion. Read about the life in Punja

Punjabi dress

The Punjabi dress has come into this form after passing through several phases, starting from the Vedic period. This dress has the influence of Muslims, outside attackers, employees’ attire. The effect of the Sikhs is also. These influences describe some common dresses of Punjabi dress. Wedding dresses also have a different look in Punjab.

Men’s dress

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The attire of Punjab’s men’s dress is a turban. Punjabi dress turban comes from a Muslim dress. It has the influence of the Sikhs too. So, the Punjabi dress has the unique taste and aesthetic taste. According to one popular man, the man is identified with his “goat, speed and turban.” But for most people, the turban helps to highlight, a young woman says:

“If you got beaten up,

What you live in your house should not be-turbaned “

The word turban or turban is used in a broad sense, not a simple meaning of turban or turban. Obviously, giving such importance to the turban may also prove that a person has to start wearing a head first and only a turban can display his good conduct. Turban is also a symbol of respect, such as not staining the turban.


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punjabi dress kurta pajama
The knot is used to cover the chest and stomach. The buttons were replaced by buttons. The old Punjabi used to wear these knit knits. But today it is only for these pants. The knit button is sometimes used in gold and silver. Most of the men were dressed in a dhoti. Wear a few pajamas. Some people started wearing salwar even with the influence of Muslims. Today sherwani is worn even today. Today, wearing gene with the influence of the British

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Women’s dress

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chunni punjabi dress

Older ladies used to use a drip or clapper on their heads. There is no single style for Chunni. The rural women place a kiss on the head, even with the head covering. But the educated young boys and the city only ask for the cover. Chunai’s turban is as much honor as possible. Dupatta (three yards long and one-and-a-half yards wide made by adding two straps) or ductile finial on Phulkari is connected.


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Patiala Salwar Suit

It is important not to hide the hair but to keep it warm. There was no hair on the shoulder in a way that they were all strapped to the head. Then the hair had to sit down. Then they found the cloths and the rest of the hair in Chunni. Lal Chunni was found in the marriage. At the end of the black paranara there are many things pearl goti and so on.

“The black parrot took the kiss, kiss the kiss”

Girls today do not bump into the head. Directly bends back and bends back and gets rubbish.


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The women of Punjab wear a worn cloth. He used to wear a high cloth because he used to use a ghungat. But nowadays, Punjabanas wear salwar kameez only. Genetics and Jeans with British influence Older women used to wear dry clothes, worn clothes, sleeping wines, and wearing shirt warmer. The dagger was a symbol of respect for married women. It was important for every married woman to wear a scarf while going out of her in-laws’ house. In ancient times, even though the virgins of young girls used to take small slices.

Ghagra was considered to be a symbol of the economic and social standard of her husband’s husband. The Ghagra, which was believed to be a sign of the lower house, was considered a sign of big houses.


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Punjabi jutti

The old men used to wear sandals, Punjabi Jutti. In rich homes, men used to wear long scarlet-coloured shirts. Women also had shaven shirts Kasur’s shoes were very popular:

“The shoe did not come, we have to walk”

Nowadays, a new type of sleeper, common sandals, slippers are found.

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